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NFL Player James Bradberry’s Grandmother Inspires for Charity

Grandmother Plays Catch with NFL Player James Bradberry…and Inspires Him to Take a Stand Against Arthritis (and Put It on His Cleats)

James Bradberry grew up near Birmingham, Ala. with his mom and younger sister and grandmother nearby. Born with a love for sports and natural talent, he excelled at football in high school and then was recruited by Arkansas State University’s football team. But his Southern roots called him home, so he transferred to Samford University and was later drafted by the NFL Carolina Panthers, starting 12 out of 16 games his first year. Continue reading NFL Player James Bradberry’s Grandmother Inspires for Charity

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Every Catch Deserves a Touchdown Dance

Charcandrick West, professional football player with Louisiana roots, gets real about what keeps him going, how no hurdle is too high and why he likes to win on and off the field.

Q1: When did you realize you wanted to play football professionally?

I don’t remember the first moment I grasped a football, but the second I did, probably around age 6, I was hooked. I still remember being a kid, looking up from the field and seeing my mom and dad cheer me on. It was a thrill to know I was making people in the stands happy by giving the game my all.

I knew that I had the “it” factor – and my parents believed in me, too, which made all the difference in the world. My goal was to leave my legacy in my hometown of Cullen, Louisiana, and graduate to the “bigs.”

Continue reading Every Catch Deserves a Touchdown Dance