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You Said It: PsA Must-Have Item

We asked our readers and followers “What is your one must-have item for your psoriatic arthritis?” Here are their answers.

Good, comfortable walking shoes with lots of support.

— Patricia Flynn, Upland, California

Good support network.

— Garrett via Reddit

A doctor that really listens and genuinely cares about my concerns with my care.

— Kim Drouillard, Lincoln Park, Michigan

I must have my electric jar opener.

— Chrystal Tucker, Fayetteville, North Carolina

My go-to copper compression gloves for the daily pain. Prayer for flares!

— Kari Siemens, St. Louis, Missouri

Pain medication when biologics and steroids are not working.

— Anne Rowell, Houma, Louisiana

A pool to exercise your joints weightlessly.

— Kathy Kle via Facebook

My heating pad and my thick fluffy blanket.

— Brentwood Park, South Africa

For people to make an effort and learn about what we are dealing with. You can never truly understand it until you live it, but it’s so nice to see people make an effort.

— Sheena Olson, Duncan, British Columbia

What is your must-have item? Let us know! For more support, visit the Arthritis Foundation online support community or find in-person support at Arthritis Introspective.

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One thought on “You Said It: PsA Must-Have Item

  1. Where can I get help on getting Humira ?
    I was on it for years and got thru a foundation with my prescription at no cost .
    I’m on SS and can’t afford it.
    The meds make it better..

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