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You Said It: Making Diet Changes for Arthritis

Eating a good balance of healthy food is always a good lifestyle plan. But many people with  inflammatory forms of arthritis like psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis may make more specific food choices. So we asked our readers and followers, “What diet changes have you made for your PsA?”

I found that eliminating dairy and gluten really make a positive difference! I know this because every time I consume any I get swelling and pain especially in my hands.

— Debbie Schwendler, Ahwatukee, Arizona

I’ve eliminated refined sugar, cut out simple carbs and reduced gluten intake. When I do have pasta, I have pain the next day.

— Drema Trisdale, Cable, Wisconsin

Fresh foods are the best, limit sugar and white flour. Increased the water I drink.

— Tracie Carlson, Bloomington, Minnesota

I chose the Whole30 program. It’s worked well at helping to keep my swelling and pain levels down.

— Narelle De La Quinto via Facebook

Autoimmune Paleo Protocol makes a huge difference for me.

— Jill Mary via Facebook

No night shade vegetables, cut back on most meats, lots of fresh fruit.

— Denise Commanda, Oshawa, Ontario

I follow an alkaline diet.

— Jodi McFarlane, Albany, West Australia

No red meat, pork or processed meats of any kind.

— Kelli Hungerman via Facebook

Grain free and only pastured or wild caught protein. Game changer!

— Julie Michelson, Pasadena, California

I have gone organic. Trying very hard to cut out processed foods. It helps with inflammation. I’m going back to exercising on my good days.

— Windy Tackitt via Facebook

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