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Arthritis Customizable Info

Get Customized Arthritis Tips, Tricks and News Straight to Your Inbox!

Here at the Arthritis Foundation, we’re always looking for better ways to help you live your best. Today, we’re launching a new initiative that we think you will want to be part of.

Whether you have arthritis yourself or know someone who does, we want to give you an opportunity to receive exclusive information related specifically to your disease type(s) and other helpful topics you choose. You pick the topics, and we’ll send you the latest research, news, tips & exclusive resources – right to your inbox.
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Arthritis Daily Struggle Research

Arthritis Foundation Survey Finds Nearly 75% of Arthritis Patients Struggle with Arthritis Daily

Leading the fight towards a cure for arthritis is a huge responsibility. In order to provide the best tools, resources, and information, it’s crucial to understand the daily struggle and pain experienced by the over 50 million people suffering with the disease. Earlier this year, the Arthritis Foundation teamed up with Nielsen to conduct a nationwide survey to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday challenges faced by people living with arthritis.

The survey was administered to 1,478 people, including people with arthritis who both have and have not engaged with the Arthritis Foundation, as well as parents of children with juvenile arthritis. Survey results show that pain continues to limit and hinder people with arthritis, making it challenging to execute self-care, attend school and work, or participate in recreational activities. In fact, nearly 3 in 4 (73%) of respondents strongly/somewhat agreed that they “struggle with arthritis daily.”

In addition to the Arthritis Foundation study, earlier this year, Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC, funded a survey, Understanding America’s Pain, which found that many Americans lack a basic understanding about pain medications and the potential risks they pose.  The study revealed that, in addition to the lack of understanding, only 30 percent of respondents who experience pain feel their pain is completely controlled.

Pain is a significant side effect of arthritis and can be debilitating. Understanding your pain and learning how to manage it is extremely important; that’s why we’re continually developing tools and resources like Breaking the Arthritis Pain Chain Toolkit, the Arthritis Resource Finder, YES (Your Exercise Solution) Tool, and Better Living Toolkit to provide tips, support and ideas for how to overcome the daily challenges of living with arthritis and improve your quality of life.

The Arthritis Foundation is reviewing the comprehensive results of its study conducted by Harris Poll to identify and introduce new resources to help people with arthritis cope with pain so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the millions of Americans living with the disease.

The Arthritis Foundation survey was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation between June 3 and July 13, 2016, among 1478 U.S. adults aged 18 or older who are diagnosed with arthritis or the parent of a child with arthritis who is under the age of 18.  The sample included 722 adults with arthritis who are members of the Arthritis Foundation. Results have been weighted to be representative of key population demographics such gender, age, race, geography, and education among the general population. Among Arthritis Foundation members data has been weighted proportionately to represent the populations of involvement groups outlined above. For more information on the study please contact Claire Villines, communications manager, Arthritis Foundation.


Better Living Toolkit Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation Launches New Free Tool to Help Arthritis Community Live Their Best

Better Living ToolkitWhether you are newly-diagnosed or have been battling arthritis for years, you all have one thing in common – you want your life to be the best it can be. At the Arthritis Foundation, we call that living your Yes. To help you do that, we have created the Better Living Toolkit, a powerful package of information and resources to help you better understand your arthritis and live life to the fullest. The Better Living Toolkit is tailored to meet your specific needs. You fill your kit when you order, custom-selecting the information that’s right for you. Each kit contains:

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