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FDA Osteoarthritis Research

Synvisc-One Injections Recalled

Biotech giant Sanofi Genzyme has initiated a voluntary product recall for one lot of Synvisc-One, a brand of hyaluronic acid. The lot, which was found to contain contamination, has been linked to an unexpected increase in side effects. In an urgent “product hold” letter, doctors, clinics and pharmacies who received syringes from that lot were instructed to immediately stop using the injections on patients until the company can investigate.
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no arthroscopy for knee OA

Doctors and Patients Say ‘No’ to Arthroscopy for Arthritis

About 1 million knee arthroscopies are performed each year in the United States, at a cost of more than $3 billion. Now, in new guidelines, an international panel of experts has strongly recommended against the surgery for nearly everyone with “degenerative knee disease.” Degenerative knee disease is another way to refer to knee osteoarthritis (OA), and includes degenerative meniscus tears, trouble with knee movement and sudden onset of pain and swelling. The guidelines were published in the journal BMJ in May.

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