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Giving Tuesday 2018

On This Day of Global Giving, Help Cure Arthritis

Today is the day – it’s time to join the fight against arthritis by participating in #GivingTuesday! November 27, 2018, is a global day dedicated to giving back and celebrating generosity. When you give to the Arthritis Foundation, you help support our commitment to helping the 54 million Americans with arthritis. Give, so the 300,000 children who struggle with arthritis pain daily can say Yes to childhood. Give, so we can fund research for better treatments and a cure. Give, to help make possible more life-changing tools and resources. Continue reading On This Day of Global Giving, Help Cure Arthritis

year-end tax planning

Year-End Tax Planning in Uncertain Times

There is always a certain degree of guesswork that goes into year-end tax planning, but this year there is the added uncertainty surrounding what the tax code will look like after Washington completes the overhaul of our tax system.  The income tax rates for many individuals and businesses may decrease; the definition of income subject to tax may change considerably as well.  Many itemized deductions that we have become so used to, such as the deduction for qualified medical expenses, state and local income taxes and real estate taxes may be eliminated.

However, if the resulting new rules resemble the proposals, there will be a doubling of the standard deduction and the possible elimination of the controversial Alternative Minimum Tax.  Below are some tax-planning suggestions, including suggestions related to charitable gifts, which consider both the typical year-end planning techniques as well as planning for a potential overhaul:

Continue reading Year-End Tax Planning in Uncertain Times