Osteoarthritis Drug Development Meeting

Arthritis Foundation to Host Meeting for Osteoarthritis Patients to Share their Stories with the FDA

Last year, the Arthritis Foundation cosponsored the Accelerating Osteoarthritis (OA) Clinical Trials Workshop with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The focus of the workshop aimed at identifying ways to get new diagnostics & treatments to clinics faster for the arthritis community. Important key takeaways from the workshop included a focus on patients – how they need to be more involved in the scientific discovery process and that scientists should consider their needs and wants in designing clinical trials.

We knew we had to take action – today, an estimated 30.8 million Americans have OA1 and the number is growing. Current pharmacological, non-pharmacological, and surgical management of OA may alleviate symptoms temporarily, but the symptoms and disease progression do not stop2-3. We submitted a letter of intent to the FDA to host a meeting with OA patients that focuses on them. The FDA approved our request and will attend our meeting – a huge win for the arthritis community.

The OA Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting is on March 8, 2017 at 1pm at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, VA. This meeting will give the FDA an important opportunity to hear directly from patients, patient advocates, and caretakers about what matter most to them; the impact of OA on patients’ daily lives, and patients’ experiences with currently available treatments4. The patient perspective is critical in helping the FDA ensure that drug development programs capture the efficacy and safety aspects that are important to the patients. This will provide a better perspective for regulatory decisions regarding new drugs to prevent, treat, and cure OA4.

We are asking YOU to join us at this landmark event – every OA patient in the country can join us virtually through our live web cast. Listen to the patient panels talk directly to the FDA about the signs and symptoms that matter most, participate in our live poll and watch as the results are discussed in this meeting. This is a very unique opportunity to be a part of the shift in OA drug development. We are fighting hard for you, every day. Take part of what is sure to be a memorable experience and register today.


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