Matt Iseman Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2 Highlights

Matt Iseman Shines as Team Captain on Week 2 of The New Celebrity Apprentice & Wins Big for the Arthritis Foundation

Heading into the second week of The New Celebrity Apprentice with two wins under his team’s belt, Matt Iseman was supercharged with energy to keep fueling his fight for the Arthritis Foundation and arthritis community.

For the first of their challenges this week, the teams were tasked with creating an interactive health segment to promote Welch’s grape juice. Laila Ali took the lead as team captain for Team Prima, and Chael Sonnen was project manager for Team Arete.

Team Prima held a daytime talk show, complete with ideas for moms and a cooking demo spotlighting the health benefits of grape juice. Team Arete held a comedic, yet informative variety show – filled with nutrition information sessions, sampler recipes, a bit of comedy, and words of healthy wisdom from our friend (and resident doctor!) Matt Iseman.

We can’t say that we’re surprised that our dear friend Matt Iseman was named one of the strongest team members on Team Arete during the challenge by the project manager, as well as by Welch’s executives. As we well know, there’s literally no task Matt can’t accomplish! Unfortunately, Matt’s strengths weren’t enough to pull the team through to victory this time, and the men on Team Arete took their first loss of the season with this challenge.

Because of his stellar performance, though, Matt was safe from the chopping block and Eric Dickerson went home.

Matt Steps Up as Project Manager

The second challenge of the night was to create two viral videos for King’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce, and Matt stepped up as project manager for Team Arete. For the first of their videos, the guys staged a surprising football scene, using the sauce as the football and some unlikely characters dueling it out on the field. The other was a comedic play on the hotness of the sauce. Both videos turned out well, but Matt’s challenge as team captain was less focused on the dynamics of the videos and more focused on the dynamics of the team, where he truly shined as a leader by bringing many different personalities together through a variety of challenges.

The production value, concepts and overall themes of Team Arete’s videos were praised by the King’s Hawaiian team. With Matt at the helm, Team Arete took home the win, bringing a stellar $50,000 to the Arthritis Foundation to support our critical mission and research work. He shared with others on the show the value the Arthritis Foundation brings to people with arthritis, spotlighting our research work and life-changing day-to-day support.

Thank you, Matt! We couldn’t be more grateful for your support! You’re a true Champion of Yes. We’ll keep fighting for you as you fight for us and all people with arthritis!

You can support Matt in his fight for the Arthritis Foundation on our website, and check out some of the great social media feedback on Matt’s big win below!

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