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Live Yes! With Arthritis Podcast-Episode 2-Mindfulness

Living with arthritis can lead to major stress. Which can lead to more pain! It’s a vicious cycle that can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Research suggests that mindfulness practices can help people living with chronic pain. But the idea of even practicing mindfulness and meditation to break that pain chain can be scary.

In this episode, Rebecca and Julie learn how stress impacts our bodies and our brains. They explore simple ways to introduce mindfulness into arthritis care management.

Dr. Nicole Reilly helps us understand how our bodies respond to pain and what we can do to break the cycle. She’s an integrative medicine physician who specializes in chronic pain.

So what does making mindfulness a part of your life look like?

Yoga and meditation guru Meryl Arnett teaches us techniques to get started. Introduce compassion and self-care into your day, one minute at a time.

An added bonus at the end of the podcast: Have a mindful moment with Meryl, Rebecca and Julie.

Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and tune in!

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