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Every ONE, Every DOLLAR, Can Make Healthcare Accessible to All!

On #GivingTuesday, You Can Support Our New Rheumatology Fellowship Program

Imagine waking up every morning feeling so tired and sick that you can’t get out of bed. Your joints so swollen that you can’t put on socks or shoes. A waiting list for your doctor so long, it will be months before you’re able to get care.

That’s the reality for millions of Americans, including hundreds of thousands of children, who face a steadily shrinking pool of rheumatologists to provide care. This severe shortage means that patients often spend months waiting for appointments, with many traveling hundreds of miles for the specialized care they need.

But on November 28, #GivingTuesday, you can help change that by donating to the Arthritis Foundation and supporting our new rheumatology fellowship program.

Let’s Get to Work

For people with arthritis, access to qualified clinical care is critical to early diagnosis and treatment. This is especially true in the first few months of disease onset, when proper treatment can make a huge difference in patient outcome – limiting joint damage, improving physical function and potentially inducing remission.

Both adult and pediatric rheumatologists are in short supply, not because of a lack of interest, but because of a shortage of opportunities to study and specialize in the field. The Arthritis Foundation is changing that by building a nationwide fellowship program that allows for more doctors to specialize in rheumatology and bring their expertise to communities with the most need.

You Can Help

When you donate on #GivingTuesday, every dollar you give helps fund our initiative to expand rheumatology fellowships and get care to communities with the greatest needs, as well as fund research for a cure and provide resources for people with arthritis.

While other organizations offer clinical training, we’re the only one to emphasize the needs of arthritis patients. The Arthritis Foundation knows that we alone can’t close the entire gap, but we believe our new fellowship initiative can begin to turn the tide by focusing on communities where there’s the greatest need of rheumatologists.

Donate on Giving Tuesday and Make a Difference

We need your donations to help us increase the number of these fellowships, which are the entryway for all board-certified pediatric and adult rheumatologists. The faster we can get patients who need access to an experienced doctor’s advice, the earlier we can catch arthritis and address its complications.

Even if only ONE person struggled with arthritis, it would be worth the fight. The truth is 54 million Americans struggle with this devastating disease. It can keep you from holding a pen or getting out of bed. It can force you to give up the things you love. It destroys careers, causes financial hardship and sometimes it even kills.

On #GivingTuesday be the ONE who helps end arthritis. Every ONE, Every DOLLAR can make a difference. Donate Today.

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