Arthritis Foundation Registry Workshop Ushers in a New Scientific Strategy

For people with arthritis, they’ve only wanted one thing since their diagnosis: a cure. At the Arthritis Foundation, we want the same thing.

With that in mind, last week we convened the who’s who of registry experts from around the world for the Arthritis Foundation Registry Workshop: Improving Health Outcomes for People with Arthritis. The goal of the workshop was to find common ground for how registries can work together to improve health outcomes for people with arthritis and related diseases. This important work is helping more people become a Champion of Yes.

So, what is a registry exactly? Usually facilitated by scientists working in health organizations, health registries collect information about people with a particular health outcome. Registries can be useful to scientists and health care providers  to spot trends among people with a particular health outcome, develop best practices for treatment and even develop new treatments.

With more than 80 people participating in the workshop onsite and remotely, discussion focused on ideas for how the community can work together to accelerate improving health outcomes for people with arthritis through the strengthening of data collection and analyses. Thirty experts from various organizations worldwide shared their  knowledge and experiences throughout scheduled talks and discussion. Presenters included experts in data collection and analytics from arthritis-related fields, as well as those who are experts in other health outcomes.

“This event was a great kickoff for the implementation of the decision making with metrics pillar that is part of our new scientific strategy,” Amanda Niskar, Arthritis Foundation National Scientific Director said. “This interactive workshop was a first step in building an international community of data collection and analysis experts for arthritis and related diseases.”

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