Arthritis Introspective National Gathering

Grow Together at the 9th Annual National Gathering Conference

Arthritis can be isolating: People don’t understand what you are dealing with … you can’t always enjoy the activities you love … sometimes you pass on spending time with family. But you’re not alone. There’s a community of folks who “get it” and know firsthand what you’re going through. That community can be found at the Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Introspective 9th Annual National Gathering Conference on May 20 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Young and middle-aged adults living with rheumatic disease from all over the country will soon make their way to Nashville to be inspired by a community of like individuals. The Gathering offers a chance for people with arthritis to come together for a weekend of education, empowerment and relationship building.

No one symbolizes growing together better than Deb Constien from Wisconsin. Deb has been heavily involved as an Arthritis Foundation volunteer for many years and more recently became part of the Arthritis Introspective community. Deb has had arthritis for over 33 years and knows how beneficial a community can be. When she was diagnosed, there were very few or no resources available to young people with arthritis.

“In all my years of having the disease, I had never been in a room full of people like me,” Deb says of the conference. “The Gathering has been life changing. It is a humbling and empowering experience and I will never miss another conference.”

Deb is looking forward to seeing new life-long friends she made at the Gathering last year. She knows that whatever your interest, if you have arthritis you will find a topic at that piques your curiosity. This year, topics at the Gathering Conference include coping, research updates, advocacy, special information for loved ones and more.

Arthritis Introspective and the Arthritis Foundation are growing together and providing you with the tools, connections and opportunities for each of you to grow – and for all of us to grow together. The Gathering Conference is one more opportunity to share and connect with others in a fun and supportive environment. Learn more about the 9th Annual National Gathering Conference and register here.

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