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Arthritis Foundation Becomes Founding Member of OA Task Force

To build a better understanding of patient needs across nations and cultures, the Arthritis Foundation accepted an invitation to become a founding member of a new Osteoarthritis (OA) Task Force this month. The taskforce is an initiative coordinated by the OA Foundation International (OAFI) and the Arthritis Foundation to aid in the prevention and treatment of OA as well as the improvement of patient quality of life.

The new OA Task Force brings together a multi-national group of non-profit organizations to raise awareness of the impact of OA, it’s prevention and treatment.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 15% of all adults over the age of 60 are believed to suffer from OA. That means over 1 billion people worldwide are living with OA.

Ann M. Palmer, our president and CEO, and Guy Eakin, PhD, our senior vice president of scientific strategy, participated in the inaugural meeting in Spain this week.

“We look forward to working together with other OA Task Force members to promote prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, as well as efforts to improve the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients,” Ann says.

We are honored and excited to be a part of such an important initiative and we’re looking forward to working with the task force members to and patients worldwide!

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3 thoughts on “Arthritis Foundation Becomes Founding Member of OA Task Force

  1. The pain and suffering is unreal for those of us suffering from osteoarthritis. I just had total hip replacement and have had knee replaced as well. I still have pain in lower back and other knee. So times my knee feels like it is going to go out on me. I over did it this weekend with family. I had a great time but could barely walk from pain once I got home. This has changed my life so much and not for the better. I use to love walking, doing so many things I can’t do now. I wish I could find something to help me walk further or to get knee fixed without another surgery. My mom and Aunts had the same thing. iT Must be genetic.

  2. Thank you for your involvement in Osteoarthritis Task Force. So much information seems to be focused on Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I think we need to get some focus and support for the millions of people who as they age are faced with the pain and frustration of Osteoarthritis.

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