2019 Live Yes! Conference of Champions — Looking Out for Arthritis Patients

The 2019 Live Yes! Conference of Champions — held in Atlanta, Sept. 13-15 — highlighted the life-changing resources and powerful connections the Arthritis Foundation makes possible in the fight against arthritis.We’re focused on ways we can help more people with arthritis — like you or a loved one — live your best life. And that’s why this powerful networking of top volunteers, patient partners, sponsors and other supporters was so vital to changing the future of this life-altering disease, which affects more than 54 million Americans of all ages.

The conference provided engaging experiences, sparked lively conversations and celebrated our collective successes. Everything was about making Live Yes! a reality for more and more people — and we made a lot of headway as we brainstormed.

This year, many arthritis patients joined us to contribute their perspectives in shaping the work ahead. They got to learn more about improving their physical, mental and social health and well-being — from exercising to better nutrition to tackling insurance issues. But they also got to speak out about what’s most important to them and about the resources they still need.

Local leadership board members learned about leveraging market-specific needs, stemming from local patient-reported outcomes, to increase community support for our mission. And we saluted top volunteers from around the country who have propelled our movement forward — and who are shining examples of what can be accomplished.

The 2019 Live Yes! Conference of Champions carved the path ahead for everything we’re going to focus on in 2020. We’re aiming for 2020 vision next year — and we appreciate your involvement!

Please make it a priority to give just 10 minutes for our Live Yes! Insights assessment. This tool is vital in guiding our plans ahead. After you’ve weighed in as an arthritis patient, please encourage others you know who are battling arthritis to participate. Every voice counts, and every voice matters.

If you’re not yet a member of the Live Yes! Arthritis Network, sign up now!  Join the Live Yes! Online Community. And consider joining a local support group through Live Yes! Connect Groups, to talk face to face.  If there’s not one near you, you can start a Connect Group!

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