Arthritis Foundation 2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report Published: Great Strides Paving the Way to Yes

The Arthritis Foundation is proud of the new directions we’ve taken over the past couple of years. We’ve shifted our attention to make the biggest and best impact on people’s lives. We’ve gotten more focused, strategic, streamlined and personalized.

2015 may seem like long ago now, but it was a landmark year. And it is now part of our rich history over seven decades of remarkable experience.

For a snapshot of pivotal milestones that led to today’s work, check out the Arthritis Foundation’s 2015 annual report.

As our infographics show:

  • We rallied behind 159 bills in 46 states, leading to 44 new laws that protect people who live with chronic disease like arthritis.
  • Our Arthritis Resource Finder has half a million listings to help people zero-in on getting the local services they need.
  • 2,300 kids and teens attended 46 juvenile arthritis camps, and we hosted the biggest JA Conference to date.
  • We helped discover new osteoarthritis biomarkers, moving the needle in our $500M research investment.

The Arthritis Foundation has changed with the times throughout our history. But our goal has always been to help make life better for the people we serve. That’s why we continue building on our rich legacy with pride every day…


  • We’re working to speed up scientific discovery by convening the brightest minds worldwide – to bring new treatments to the market faster and find a cure.
  • We’ve built an army of committed champions – who are successfully advocating for access to affordable, quality health care and the medicines patients need.
  • We provide 24/7 help and support – through personalized tools and resources people with arthritis need and can trust.
  • We’re just a phone call away on our helpline – available around the clock to answer questions consumers have.

Join us in a quick look-back at 2015, in flipbook and PDF.

See key accomplishments of our mission and meet some amazing champions. Plus get financial highlights and a list of the generous donors who made it all possible.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to conquering arthritis. Thank you for being a Champion of Yes!



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