New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Arthritis Foundation has just launched new “lesson plans” to help improve patient outcomes. The initiative was based on patient and provider surveys and focus groups, which showed that patients want information and support to improve their physical health, emotional health and experience of care. Continue reading New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

Protect Yourself From the Measles

Since January 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported nearly 850 cases of measles in 23 states – the largest number of measles infections since 1994. Most people who have been infected were unvaccinated. Although measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, it has made a recent comeback, thanks to travelers bringing the virus in from other countries and a growing population of unvaccinated Americans. How worried should you be? Continue reading Protect Yourself From the Measles

Our Rheumatology Learning Health System Is Starting to Attract Attention!

A big part of our Collaborating With Patients for Better Health scientific initiative has been development of the Rheumatology Learning Health System (RLHS) in collaboration with some of our major partners. The goal of RLHS is to improve quality of care for pediatric and adult arthritis patients.
Continue reading Our Rheumatology Learning Health System Is Starting to Attract Attention!

FDA Approves New Bone-Building Drug for Osteoporosis

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved romosozumab (Evenity), a new drug for osteoporosis. Unlike osteoporosis medicines called bisphosphonates, romosozumab doesn’t just stop bone loss; it also helps build new bone. It’s approved for postmenopausal women who have fractures, are at very high risk for fractures or haven’t responded to other treatments. The drug comes with an FDA warning for an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death. Continue reading FDA Approves New Bone-Building Drug for Osteoporosis

Revealing the Truth About Arthritis During Arthritis Awareness Month

“I don’t know many people with arthritis.”

 “It’s a disease that affects older people.”

 “Anyone can live with a little joint pain.”

 “Are you sure what you’re experiencing isn’t just in your head?”

From coast to coast, this is what we hear about arthritis every day. Although more Americans are living with arthritis than those with breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and autism combined, most people know very little about this debilitating disease. In fact, only 7% of Americans realize it’s the No. 1 cause of long-term disability in the United States. Continue reading Revealing the Truth About Arthritis During Arthritis Awareness Month

Meet Irvin Huang: One of Our Newest Foundation-sponsored Fellows!

Meet Irvin Huang: One of Our Newest Foundation-sponsored Fellows!

Because access to care is not always guaranteed, we’ve been working to help close the gap on the nation’s rheumatologist shortage through our fellowship initiative. In June, we announced five new fellowship awards for 2018. One of those grants was offered to the University of Washington (UW), which recently announced that the fellowship will be awarded to Irvin Huang, doctor of osteopathic (DO) medicine.

Dr. Huang became interested in medicine as a young child after being inspired by the free health care he received from a student-run clinic serving the local indigent and immigrant communities near his childhood home in California.

From there, he pursued his undergraduate studies in biological sciences at the University of California, Davis. During those years, he volunteered as a patient advocate and interpreter for Chinese immigrants at the very same free clinic that helped him in his youth. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree, he continued his volunteer work at the clinic and established a referral system that streamlined patient access to more advanced medical care at the local county hospital.

Dr. Huang attended medical school at A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona and completed his postgraduate training in Portland, Oregon. He completed the UW internal medicine residency program in Boise, Idaho. Residents in the UW Boise internal medicine residency program train at all three of the major hospitals in the area, which exposes them to unique patient populations at each hospital and provides a well-rounded resident education. While there, Dr. Huang gained an interest in rheumatology.

Dr. Huang was recently chosen for the rheumatology fellowship at UW in Seattle. This program provides regional support for five states. They also work with underserved Native Americans. UW has a history of excellence in academic training, with strong interactions between the adult and pediatric training programs.

Dr. Huang is excited about this program because it offers him the opportunity to care for a diverse population with complex diseases and form long-term relationships with his patients. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our fellowship program is helping Dr. Huang as a first-year fellow in rheumatology at UW.


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