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Serious Arthritis Symptoms Not to Ignore

10 Symptoms Not to Ignore

Living day to day with arthritis, you’ve probably figured out when to wait out pain and when to call the doctor about it. But what if you experience something completely different – you’re short of breath, the slightest bump leaves a bruise or you’re shedding pounds without trying?

Believe it or not, these and many more symptoms that don’t affect your joints can be related to your arthritis. And some require immediate medical attention.

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Internal Clock Affects Arthritis

Your Body’s Internal Clock Affects Arthritis Symptoms

Like most people with arthritis, you probably have symptoms that are better at some times of day than others. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is usually worse in the morning, for instance, whereas gout more frequently flares in the evening, and pain from fibromyalgia (like other conditions) is more intense after a poor night’s sleep. Researchers believe these variations in the timing and severity of arthritis symptoms may result from disruptions in circadian rhythms – the 24-hour cycles of biologic activity that regulate sleep, immune response and many other functions.

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