Declutter your life

Six Ways to Cut Your Clutter

An uncluttered house is a safer house: Less stuff lying around means fewer tripping hazards. Follow these steps to declutter and get organized.

  1. Plan your attack. Commit to getting organized and make it happen, but pace yourself. Spread the workload over several days, even weeks.
  2. Sort. Put related items into piles or boxes.
  3. Purge.  Re-evaluate essentials and eliminate duplicates – if you haven’t used it in a year or you have more than one, it goes.
  4.  Assign a home. Take a hard look at your newfound space and decide where objects should go. They tend to pile up in certain spots, so adapt those spaces to meet your needs and store objects neatly where you use them. Keep frequently used items accessible.
  5.  “Containerize.” Arrange items in bins, baskets, hooks or hangers. Assign every family member a labeled bin to corral drop-zone clutter.
  6.  Equalize. Always put things away. Paperwork can be a real challenge, so sort mail daily and keep papers organized with folders and a filing system. – M. Dunkin

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