You Said It: Make Mornings Easier with RA

RA Today readers share how they make mornings easier with rheumatoid arthritis.  

A long warm shower.
Doris Day via Facebook 

“I wake up earlier than I used to so I have time to move slowly, stretch more, and I don’t have to stress.” 
Kirstin Joy via Facebook 

“Epsom salt soak and a pot of tea.” 
Denise Fromnj via Facebook 

“If my husband is home a massage and easy stretching. Otherwise stretching and CBD oil.”
Lisa Wright 
New Carlisle, Ohio 

“Ginger oil on all my achy parts.” 
Lisa Miranda
Seguin, Texas 

“I swim laps and sit in the hot tub.” 
Alicia Metzger Vance 
Lexington, Kentucky 

“I take my NSAID, prednisone, and Tramadol first thing with a cup of hot tea/lemon/stevia water.” 
Kit Sloan via Facebook 

“I no longer make early morning appointments so I have more time to get ready.”
Sally Manges
Somerset, Pennsylvania  

“At the moment, my routine is to get up and have a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon, then go to a Curves class.” 
Joanne Abbate via Facebook  

“Doing dishes first thing in the morning, working your hands and fingers in soapy water.” 
Gina Attard Leynov
Miami, Florida 



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