Hot Tips for Cold Hands

Winter weather usually means two things for hands: pain and stiffness. Simply running your hands under warm water can jumpstart relief. But for longer-lasting effects, try these hot ideas. 

 At home. Dip sore, dry hands – even elbows and feet – in a warm paraffin bath. Not only does it ease pain, but it also helps maintain muscle strength in people with hand osteoarthritis, according to a study in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Bonus: It also leaves skin moisturized. 

 Try the Homedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath, ( or use a microwavable mitt (, which doesn’t require a lengthy heating-up period, as paraffin baths do. 

 On the go. When a microwaveable mitt or paraffin bath is impractical, try hand warmers like HotHands Hand Warmers (available at Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Costco). Simply shake the warmer to activate.  

 Author: BRYAN D. VARGO 


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