Five Germ Hotspots

Five Germ Hotspots Lurking in Your Home

When you have an inflammatory type of arthritis, the disease itself and medications used to treat it can make you more likely to get infections. Everyday objects that you might overlook may be teeming with viruses and bacteria, raising the risk for illness. Be sure to disinfect these germ hotspots.


One study found more types of bacteria in kitchen sponges than on toilet seats. Run them in the clothes washer on the hot cycle with bleach and get a new one every week.

 Bathroom fixtures and handles:

This includes toilet seats and handles, and sink fixtures, light switches and door handles. Clean them regularly with a disinfectant wipe, says Krista Schofield, an occupational therapist at St. John’s Health Center in Los Angeles

 Remote controls:

Whether in the family room or your bedroom, remote controls can become a dust and germ magnet. Use a disinfectant wipe daily, and be sure to get between the buttons says occupational therapist Cheryl Crow, a patient advocate with the American Occupational Therapy Association.

 Kitchen counters:

Bacteria from raw meat and other objects can spread to countertops, so clean thoroughly. To save joints, spread out the work. “Wipe during meal prep, after dinner and the rest before bed,” says Crow. Use your forearm and a towel to ease pressure on your hands and wrists.

 Toothbrush holder:

It’s one of the most contaminated items in your house, according to one analysis. Use a dishwasher-safe holder or a mug and pop it in the dishwasher every week.

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