You Said It: Favorite Cleaning Tips and Products for Arthritis

If you think housecleaning is a dirty word, you’re not alone! But clever cleaning shortcuts (like focusing solely on high-traffic areas) can make it less painful – in more ways than one. Here are some of Arthritis Today readers’ favorite cleaning tips and tools to keep their joints protected.  

 “When I am having a flare, a feather duster is one of my favorite tools for cleaning the house.”
– Karen  

“I spread my housework out and do one job every evening, so it doesn’t all pile up and stress me out – not to mention my joints!”
– Roberta  

 “Seventh Generation Disinfecting and Cleaning Wipes – they clean everything: wood, bathtubs, toilets and mirrors.”
– Jessica  

 “The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers clean incredibly fast and incredibly well on almost everything you can think of, even rust stains on porcelain – but you must moisten them. They’re cheap and a godsend.”
– Wendy 

 “I like the Duckwipe [$5,]. It’s a reusable microfiber mitt, so you don’t need to grip a handle or worry about holding something while you clean.”
– Brian


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