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Activity for Arthritis

Two Minutes of Activity an Hour To Live Longer

Standing up and walking around for just two minutes every hour may help you live longer. That’s good news as evidence continues to mount that prolonged sitting shortens longevity and further increases the risk for several chronic conditions that commonly occur with arthritis, including diabetes, kidney problems, obesity and heart disease.

Researchers looked at data from devices that gauge activity levels worn daily for up to a week by 3,626 people in a national health survey. They measured how much time each day participants spent in sedentary and in various low-intensity activities (such as standing) and light-intensity activities (such as walking casually) and moderate to vigorous exercise (such as brisk walking or lifting weights).
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Arthritis Treatment Goals

Achieving Arthritis Treatment Goals

Studies show nearly half of all patients don’t follow their doctor’s advice, so they fall short of their health goals.

“Almost everyone wants to feel better and do what they set out to,” says William McCann, director of behavioral science education at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. “But translating knowledge into action requires strategy.”
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Arthritis Resource Finder

Finding Local Resources for Arthritis Is Now Easier

As part of our continuing efforts to support the arthritis community in living better each and every day, we provide local resources to help you get the type of help you need when and where you need it. Whether that’s a physician or specialist referral, or even a local pharmacy, we understand the important role local activities and resources play in your quest to live better. Now, you can easily find those sources right in your community with the new online Arthritis Resource Finder.

The Arthritis Foundation’s specialized search tool is designed to take the work and worry out of finding the right service providers and Arthritis Foundation resources near you.  You simply enter your zip code to see the list of offerings in your area.  Then click on a selection to get more details, such as contact information and specific services offered.

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Arthritis Foundation Resources

Arthritis Foundation Resources to Help You Live Better

Whether you are just diagnosed, have been battling daily arthritis pain or are simply looking for resources to improve your quality of life, the Arthritis Foundation has something for you.

Ease Your Pain

Exercise has been proven to reduce arthritis pain, improve your outlook and help you sleep better. Get moving with Walk With Ease guidebook or keep your body energized with Arthritis-Friendly Yoga DVD. Learn More About the Yoga DVD >>

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