Matt Iseman Juvenile Arthritis Conference

Matt Iseman Shares Touching Video With Families at Juvenile Arthritis Conference

As the iconic voice and host of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, Matt Iseman cheers on athletes every day as they weave their way through different obstacle courses and challenges. Last night at the Opening Dinner of the 2016 National Juvenile Arthritis Conference West in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt sent a touching video message to our JA Warriors full of hope and well wishes.

Matt is an actor, host, comedian, physician and an adult with rheumatoid arthritis. As he says in his video, “I can only imagine what its like to be a kid or a teen with arthritis, or a parent or a sibling of a child with JA. I do have a pretty good idea though, and I do know about the strength and perseverance it takes to be stronger than arthritis!”

Thank you to Matt Iseman for being a Champion of Yes!

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