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Victory for Maryland! Biosimilar Bill Signed by the Governor!

We applaud Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for joining 28 other states in creating a pathway for the substitution of biologic medications with biosimilars by signing the Pharmacists – Substitution and Dispensing of Biological Products bill into law.

Biologics are life altering drugs for people with arthritis and are very complex products made with living cells. Because of this complexity they are expensive. Biosimilars, are a new class of drugs that are similar to biologics. They have the potential to lower medication costs.

This new legislation creates a pathway that allows for the substitution of biologics with safe and effective interchangeable biologic products and potential cost savings for patients.

Susan Behan, MD, and Katie Roberts are members of our Ambassador program. They joined Mark Guimond, director of state legislative affairs, in testifying before the Maryland House and Senate Committees on behalf of the biosimilar substitution legislation.

“As an advocate, it can be painful to tell our story, and re-live how arthritis changed the course of our lives, and of those around us,” said Dr. Behen. “But, it is essential for our legislators to see and hear from us- the individuals who will be affected by the policy they set.”

We owe special thanks to Senator Conway and Delegate Cullison for their leadership in championing these bills through the Maryland legislature with both bills being unanimously approved by the House and Senate. And congratulations to the Maryland Advocates who generously gave of their time to support the legislation!

You too can play an important and impactful role in getting legislation enacted that helps the arthritis community. Join our Advocate program today!

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2 thoughts on “Victory for Maryland! Biosimilar Bill Signed by the Governor!

  1. What protections are there to insure companies can’t replace a working medication with a bio similar because of cost? Alaska has a bio similar bill to be voted on next year, but insurance can swap the bio similar medication without notifying the doctor first. Considering Humira was truly horrible and debilitating for my son and Enbrel has worked brilliantly…I don’t trust that bio similar medication swapped without the input of my doctor is the win that we need.

  2. What’s happening in Hawaii? I haven’t heard anything yet. I hope they pass that bill here. We need it.

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