LA Step Therapy Win

The Arthritis Foundation is pleased to announce that Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed HB 263 into law as Act 181. This law strengthens protections for Louisianans who are living with arthritis and cements Louisiana as having one of the strongest step therapy laws in the country.

Act 181 was prioritized and passed during the COVID-19 pandemic and will improve the state’s existing step therapy law. Also known as “fail first,” step therapy is a process that forces patients to try and fail drugs insurance companies choose, before the patient gets to use the medication their doctor originally prescribed. This may occur even if you are already taking a medication and doing well on it.

Our Advocates’ stories powered this success and will help Louisianans like the Floyd family — who have endured burdensome step therapy requirements for the treatment of their daughter, Emily, who was diagnosed with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis at the age of 9.

Emily and Maria Floyd, Arthritis Foundation state advocacy chair from Lafourche Parish

“I want to thank State Rep. Mike Huval for the introduction of HB 263 to update Louisiania’s step therapy law. My hope is renewed for my daughter, who suffers from a form of juvenile arthritis, so that she will not have to unnecessarily continue to try and fail on multiple drugs not prescribed by her doctors, which would end up causing her greater joint damage. I know this bill will make a difference for so many families like ours.”

Our Advocates were persistent and informed state legislators about the importance of this measure, which received a unanimous vote in the Senate and a near-unanimous vote in the House. Now that Act 181 has been signed, Louisianans will have timely access to the medications they need, when they need them.

If you are a Louisiana resident, send a letter thanking Gov. Edwards for his support.

If you have experienced step therapy, or “fail first,” we want to hear your story. Share your experience with our Story Bank tool.

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