Iowa Biosimilar Substitution Law Signed

Victory in Iowa: Biosimilar Legislation Signed Into Law!

Iowa has recently joined 27 other states that have passed biosimilars legislation.  On behalf of the 619,000 adults (plus 2,800 children) in Iowa with doctor-diagnosed arthritis, we’d like to thank Governor Branstad for signing House File 305 into law on Friday, March 10, 2017.

The bill allows Iowa pharmacists the ability to dispense safe and potentially less expensive biologic medications to patients, by substituting an FDA approved interchangeable biosimilar for a prescribed biologic product.  The law also requires that the prescriber and patient be notified when there is a substitution.

Brooker Family
Angie and Maci Brooker

“I find it vitally important that communication occurs between the pharmacist and my doctor when filling my daughter’s arthritis medication,” said Angie Brooker, an Iowa mother of 6-year-old Maci who has juvenile arthritis and is taking biologic medication.  “This law will ensure that this continues when interchangeable biologics are on the market – thank you Governor Branstad for signing this bill into law!”

We applaud the Iowa legislature and Governor Branstad on the passage of this legislation.  It was unanimously voted out of the House and Senate.

We also thank Representatives Joel Fry and Brian Best, and Senators Mark Segebart and Thomas Greene for their leadership in shepherding this bill through the Iowa legislature.

Show your appreciation by sending a thank you note to Governor Branstad. We have a templated electronic letter ready for your use. It’s quick and easy, but more important, it lets our legislators know how critical their support is and our appreciation on behalf of the arthritis community.

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  1. Hooray! That’s great news. Thanks for all that were able to go out and advocate in person for this legislation. Faith, our 6 year old with JA, and the rest of our family thank you!

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