2017 Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit

Yes to Access! Registration for the 2017 Advocacy Summit Now Open

While many people with arthritis face different barriers to care, they will stand united in the fight against arthritis and say Yes to Access at the 2017 Advocacy Summit, March 6-7 in Washington, DC.

Yes to Access means knocking down barriers to easy and affordable health care. Advocacy Summit participants will learn how to use their voice and arthritis story to advocate for people with arthritis, then meet with members of Congress and their staff, helping them understand how they can remove barriers to treatment that people arthritis need.

Registration for the 2017 Advocacy Summit is free. Go to arthritis.org/advocate/advocacy-summit to register or for more information.

Why attend the Advocacy Summit? Cindy Copenhaver is an Arthritis Foundation Platinum Ambassador from Illinois and previous Advocacy Summit attendee. “Summit is an important opportunity to learn about the issues that are affecting the arthritis community’s access to care, then meet with legislators who can actually do something about it,” said Cindy. “It’s an opportunity to use your voice, tell your story and make real and meaningful change.”

“My favorite part of the Summit is meeting and networking with other Advocates and listening to their accomplishments and ideas,” said Cindy. “It is exciting meeting our legislative representatives and being the voice in DC for the arthritis community.”

If you’ve never been to the Advocacy Summit or participated in advocacy, that’s okay, says Cindy! “If you are a first time attendee, enjoy the experience! All you really need to do is share your story. That is what Congress needs to know.”

Advocacy Summit attendees will be trained on how to take a meeting with elected officials and will learn about issues affecting the arthritis community so they can confidently discuss them with their legislators. There will even be two training calls before the Summit so attendees can learn more about the issues and Summit logistics, and have their questions answered.

“You should come to the Summit to feel the love and support there is in the arthritis community and the compassion there is to find a cure and make a difference in everyday life,” says Cindy. “Make your plans to attend today!”

Advocacy Summit registration closes on Friday, February 3. For more information contact Laura Keivel at LKeivel@arthritis.org.

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4 thoughts on “Yes to Access! Registration for the 2017 Advocacy Summit Now Open

  1. I think I already submitted stuff for a scholarship for myself, my sonand my daughter. Any idea when there are going to let people know??

  2. My name is Robyn and I am reaching out to anyone who can help my son who has severe rheumatoid rthritis. He was dianoised with RA at the age of 10 years old and now 32 years. He was in a serious car wreck in High School in which he had some broken bones due to the wreck. He is now married but was denied disability. He is not able to work because of the severity of his pain in his body. He cannot turn his neck unless he turn his shoulder, back is curved, he has hip, knee, and back pain 24/7. The medication he is taking no longer works. Someone please help him. I have run out of answers.

  3. I have had osteoarthritis for many years in several parts of my body. I was also recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my hand. I would very much like to attend this summit but due to financial restrictions, I cannot afford the airfare or hotel stay. My husband would also be needing to travel with me as it is difficult for me to travel alone.

    I am inquiring if there is a scholarship/funding, so forth program to assist with issues such as this?

    Please reply to me with an answer either way.
    Thank you.

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