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Debra Lappin Arthritis Foundation

Spotlight on Debra Lappin – Patient, Advocate & Volunteer

The Arthritis Foundation is truly fortunate to have a network of dedicated volunteers, engaged constituents and committed board leaders helping us move our mission forward. Today’s spotlight focuses on someone very special to the foundation that is all three of those things. Debra R. Lappin, JD is a former national chair of the Arthritis Foundation and is currently a patient advocate volunteering on our behalf with the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Accelerating Medicines Partnership. How Debra came to be involved with the Arthritis Foundation is quite the story –
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Arthritis Foundation volunteer Joe Barnes

Volunteer Spotlight: Oregon Volunteer Is No Average Joe

When you first meet Joe Barnes, you may not realize that he has a passion for giving. He’s modest to a fault and won’t mention the hours of time he gives to charitable organizations. But for more than a decade, Joe has been an integral part of the Arthritis Foundation’s Oregon office, helping grow and develop a strong community of volunteers as well as expand fundraising events and advocacy programs in the area.

“The passion Joe has for helping the Arthritis Foundation is contagious,” says Scott Weaver, Arthritis Foundation vice president of volunteer development.” For over 10 years, he has provided ongoing support to the staff of the Oregon office and is always on site at events to help spread awareness. He makes everyone he talks to want to be a part of our mission. Every office would benefit greatly if they each had their own Joe Barnes.”
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Cathy McHorse Walk to Cure Arthritis Austin

Austin’s Cathy McHorse Is All In for the Arthritis Foundation!

Cathy McHorse is one amazing parent, inspired to get involved in the fight against arthritis after her son Grant was diagnosed at age 12 with juvenile arthritis. A simple newspaper article about Austin’s Walk to Cure Arthritis prompted Cathy to make contact with her local Arthritis Foundation office in 2011, nearly three years after Grant’s initial diagnosis.

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Dina Gilmore Champion of Yes Massage Therapist

Meet Champion of Yes: Dr. David Covall

David Covall, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta who has become a Dr-Covall-StoryChampion of Yes for all we do at the Arthritis Foundation. Besides his staggering fundraising work for the organization – for example, he’s a corporate chair for the Walk to Cure Arthritis, helped raise $61,000 (at press time) and secured $40,000 in sponsorship for the event – Dr. Covall has been a valuable volunteer for the Science pillar.

Dr. Covall became a Science volunteer last year and quickly jumped in to offer his services for the group. Earlier this year, he joined the 2015 Scientific Discovery Advisory Committee (SDAC) earlier this year, and now represents the SDAC as a speaker at Arthritis Foundation events in the regions. He was a reviewer for the Scientific Strategy and serves as an advisor to the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Big Data projects.

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