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Wait, Kids Get Arthritis?

“Kids don’t get arthritis.”

 That’s the first thing Chrissy and Jason Rose said when the doctor told them their 13-month-old son had juvenile arthritis.

“As an infant, Carson was a cranky baby,” Chrissy explains. “He would scream and cry and didn’t sleep through the night until he was more than a year old. He would lay on the floor and pull at his legs. We didn’t know what was going on and were kind of going crazy. Continue reading Wait, Kids Get Arthritis?

Join the Live Yes! Arthritis Network and Live Your Best Life!

Join the Live Yes! Arthritis Network and Live Your Best Life!The Live Yes! Arthritis Network connects you to your best life through a powerful network of support for registered members. While each person’s experience with arthritis is different, we want to make sure you have the right information and support you need to live life to the fullest. Continue reading Join the Live Yes! Arthritis Network and Live Your Best Life!

Movie Maker Deborah Snyder Knows What Real Super Power Is

To fans of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and other superhero movies that she produced, Deborah Snyder might seem a little larger than life herself. Perceptive, energetic and determined, she has a career beyond most people’s dreams, a lovely home near Los Angeles and a supportive family and husband, Zack Snyder, who’s also her business partner.

But every superhero has a villain, and Deborah’s is adult-onset Still’s disease, a rare form of autoimmune arthritis. It left her with hip damage that made even walking difficult for years.

Seeing her relaxing with one leg tucked under her – something she never could have done a few years ago – it’s impossible to tell that she has arthritis, or that she still takes medication and has had both hips replaced. Continue reading Movie Maker Deborah Snyder Knows What Real Super Power Is

Patient Partner’s Words of Wisdom About Living With Gout & OA

As part of our vetting process for Arthritis by the Numbers – a collection of verified arthritis facts and figures – we invited patients to comment on the disease section that most affected their lives. After all, they are the experts on how arthritis changes and challenges everyday living.

Meet Craig Buhr, who is challenged by gout and OA. Following, in his own words, are his thoughts about the statistics he reviewed in Arthritis by the Numbers – and how they relate to him personally.

Continue reading Patient Partner’s Words of Wisdom About Living With Gout & OA

Voices bloggers discuss joy

Voices: How Do You Cultivate Joy?

Gina Mara

Twitter @ginasabres

Gina Mara for VoicesJoy is something that we feel robbed of when dealing with everyday symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and doctor appointments. When I first developed RA, I felt lonely and isolated. I couldn’t do things I used to do that brought me joy, especially during the holidays, like attend parties, drink or even be on my feet for long. Connecting with people on social media expanded my horizons about ways to find joy. Now, I send people positive messages to bring them joy, which also makes me happy. I’ve sent so many of these that now I receive them, too, when I least expect it. I’ve even gotten videos of people from across the country singing happy birthday to me. I am still participating in society, I just do it a little differently than others. I might not be somewhere in person, but when I send some simple words spreading joy, people know they are in my heart and mind.

Joy Ross

Facebook @Through the Eyes of Joy

YouTube @Joy Ross

Joy Ross for VoicesI have always been a joyful person, but my complete loss of eyesight as a result of juvenile arthritis [JA] and my two young daughters’ diagnoses with JA, I have learned that joy is a choice. As a Christian woman of faith, I allowed God to teach me how to truly walk by faith and not by sight or on pure emotions. God began showing me the true meaning of joy even when the circumstances looked hopeless. Every single day I make the choice to begin the day on a joyful note. My story of hope, perseverance and love is changing lives all over the world! If it were not for our challenges and my faith in Jesus, I wouldn’t have this beautiful perspective. I believe when you choose joy, you find strength, hope and purpose.

Lene Andersen  

Lene Anderson for VoicesGratitude is about slowing down enough to really notice joy, beauty, what’s funny and what’s good. It’s about experiences instead of things and remembering that I am a lucky woman. This is easier during the holidays, when reminders of love and all we have to be thankful for are all around, but I try to practice gratitude every day. Taking note of positive things and talking to positive people help. Going out with my camera to capture the beauty of the world always makes me feel better, and there’s nothing like sitting quietly with a purring cat on my lap to appreciate the present. Life isn’t about perfection or about stuff, but about love. Finding a way to express that – toward others, toward myself – is at the center of how I cultivate gratitude.

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OA helped Chef Ben Bebenroth find the recipe for a balanced life.

Eight days before he is due for a total knee replacement, Ben Bebenroth is nailing shingles onto a wooden walkway to his barn in the pouring rain. Mid-winter warming has turned the snow into muck, and a bride is on her way to check out the event space at his Spice Acres Farm. The centerpiece of his commitment to locally sourced food, the farm is an outgrowth of his popular Cleveland, Ohio, restaurant, Spice Kitchen & Bar. Continue reading OA helped Chef Ben Bebenroth find the recipe for a balanced life.