Psoriatic Arthritis Eye Complications

Psoriatic Arthritis and Eye Complications

Research shows that the same arthritic inflammation that causes joint problems might also cause damage in other areas of your body, including your vision. One Arthritis Today reader asked us how psoriatic arthritis can lead to potential vision problems. Read on to find out more about what causes these complications and how to treat them, with answers from an expert rheumatologist in Toronto

Question From a Reader:

I have psoriatic arthritis and often hear that it can lead to eye and vision problems. What are these problems and is there anything I can do to avoid them?

Answer From Dafna D. Gladman, MD, rheumatologist at Toronto Western Hospital:

About 7% of people with psoriatic arthritis develop uveitis, an inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye, which provides most of the retina’s blood supply. Uveitis is also associated with spondyloarthritis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Symptoms may include blurred vision, eye pain, redness, light sensitivity and the presence of dark, floating spots in the vision field. Uveitis must be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist and treated appropriately in order to prevent complications such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and vision loss. Treatment for uveitis may include corticosteroid eye drops, oral corticosteroids and/or or immunosuppressive medications such as traditional disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs and biologic agents. Treated properly, uveitis can go away, but relapses may occur. It is possible that controlling the underlying disease prevents uveitis, although this has not been proven.

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4 thoughts on “Psoriatic Arthritis and Eye Complications

  1. I have PsA and all that comes with it. I do get I swelling when I have a flare. If you are not feeling the eye swelling during a flare or under stress then you probably have nothing to worry about in this area. I have noticed that after each major flare that affect my eyes, I am left with slightly less focus in my vision. I have not yet seen an ophthalmologist for this but am trying to manage my symptoms the best I can.

  2. Hi, good advice on the eye complications. I have AS, was having regular flare ups of iritis and went to Sydney Eye Hospital because it was free… couldn’t cope with more specialist bills. bad mistake. They’re overstretched, I didn’t pay enough attn, glaucoma killed optic nerve, lost sight in my right eye. So, along with AS, AF, left eye treatment, cardiologist, leg fracture and infection from ruptured skin from non healing dog bite I’ve now left my job as couldn’t cope. Look after yourself people!!

  3. My eyes started paining in April 2017!I assumed it was my Psoriatic arthritis??,and it was. I was in a Bad flare. I get tired, fevers,and have low energy. I see my Rheumatologist at the Psoriatic arthritis Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital in Ontario Canada every 3 months. The eye pain is awful, I hope it stays away. There is nothing like it. This psoriatic arthritis is worse than my fibromyalgia,that I was diagnosed with in 1988.We all need people to know,that we truly are not well. Uveitis and Iritis are the eye conditions to watch for.

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