Your Exercise Solution Tool

The Arthritis Foundation Launches the Your Exercise Solution Tool

Yes! You CAN exercise with arthritis! With the right approach and a few smart modifications where needed, exercise can reduce your pain and help you stay active. The Arthritis Foundation is proud to introduce a new tool that will help you create a customized exercise plan specific to your needs and interests.

Developed in conjunction with world-renowned experts, including the CDC, physical therapists, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons and professionals from many other organizations, the Foundation’s new Your Exercise Solution (YES) Tool is an online activity interface that provides truly personalized advice and modifications for 23 popular physical activities. Sponsored by Advil, the YES Tool allows you to select the joints that bother you, and provides 4,000 different combinations of customized exercise and activity results, based on your fitness level and what you enjoy doing.

Exercise plays an important role in managing arthritis symptoms and developing a personal fitness plan can be difficult. By using the YES Tool to modify an exercise plan, people with arthritis can increase their fitness levels carefully, by monitoring their own bodies, in an effort to prevent potential injury.

The YES Tool is just another shining example of how the Arthritis Foundation strives to help and support people living with arthritis to win everyday battles and conquer arthritis.

Say Yes to a personalized fitness regimen and get started with the YES Tool today!

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One thought on “The Arthritis Foundation Launches the Your Exercise Solution Tool

  1. Please give me a planned exercise program for my back problem, knee problem – to strengthen legs to walk without walker

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