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Arthritis Foundation Planned Giving Options

So Many Ways to Give: Your Planned Giving Options

Leaving your legacy with the Arthritis Foundation allows us to continue our fight against arthritis, so you’ll know that you’ve made a difference in the arthritis community for years to come. Planned giving is one of the most flexible, beneficial ways you can help us improve lives and conquer America’s leading cause of disability.

In our last post introducing you to planned giving, you learned about some of the high-level benefits you could experience when you donate a planned gift. Now we’ll differentiate the benefits you (and your loved ones) can realize depending on the type of planned gift you make.

Read a brief overview of the many types of donations you can make below.

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Arthritis Foundation Planned Giving

Leave Your Legacy: Planned Giving 101

How do you want to leave your legacy? Some people have shaped history, leaving behind memorable works of art, monuments and landmarks; others have helped to enact lasting political and historical change. By donating a planned gift to the Arthritis Foundation, you too can leave an impact – by providing much-needed support for people living with arthritis, helping us to find a cure and to help families say Yes, day after day.

What is a Planned Gift?

A planned gift is a donation (usually to charities) that occurs at a later date, whether after your death or after the death of your last beneficiary. You and your financial advisor will decide what assets are distributed and how they are gifted. These donations can take place in a variety of forms, including:

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