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Help Elevate the Gravity of Arthritis During Pain Awareness Month

Arthritis is painful … and relentless. No one knows that better than those who suffer from it. Perhaps that’s you or someone you love.

An Arthritis Foundation survey shows that:

  • The #1 goal of arthritis treatment is to “reduce pain.”
  • The #1 motivator for seeking out information is “I experienced pain.”

For many, pain isn’t easy to talk about, especially during a flare. Not only does arthritis cause physical pain, but the mental and emotional pain that often goes with it can take a heavy toll, too. Continue reading Help Elevate the Gravity of Arthritis During Pain Awareness Month

New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Arthritis Foundation has just launched new “lesson plans” to help improve patient outcomes. The initiative was based on patient and provider surveys and focus groups, which showed that patients want information and support to improve their physical health, emotional health and experience of care. Continue reading New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

Hot Topics Offer In-depth Discussions on Trending Issues

The Live Yes! Online Community has started a new, on-going series called Hot Topics. Each Hot Topic discussion will take place Monday through Friday and is a 5-day, limited-time special event. Hot Topics will cover just that – trending, in-demand topics featuring a subject matter expert moderator.

Hot Topics are meant to spark discussion and give Online Community users the opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts and get clarity around subjects that matter most. Recently we’ve featured discussions around medical marijuana and CBD oil, plus regenerative medicine and stem cells! Check back here for the most up-to-date schedule for all upcoming Hot Topics!

Preview of discussions

Upcoming Hot Topic Events:
September 23-27, 2019: School Solutions

The Online Community will feature a new Hot Topic event every other week for the duration of the year. At the end of each week, the discussion is concluded, and the Hot Topic forum is taken down. Be sure to visit the Online Community during Hot Topic events so you don’t miss out!

Preview of posts

The Live Yes! Online Community is an online forum that allows members connect, share and chat with others in a digital space. Currently there are discussion forums dedicated to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, other types of arthritis, families affected by juvenile arthritis (JA), advocacy and a popular one for fun, off-topic talk. There is also a special forum called Ask the Professionals, where a rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon answer community users’ questions.

One of our users recently noted, “The Live Yes! Online Community is a much needed resource since many of us aren’t able to travel to in-person events. This allows us to communicate with others, share stories and experiences, and get our questions answered by health care providers, all from the comfort of our home!”

Registration in the Live Yes! Online Community is free, and forums are moderated by trained volunteers. Sign up today and join us!

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Don’t Miss Live Yes! Online Discussion Forums About Arthritis

  • Want to know what other patients have experienced from a specific treatment?
  • Dealing with issues your child with arthritis is having in school?
  • Has someone else faced a certain insurance issue you’re struggling with?
  • What if you just have a tip to share you think others might benefit from?

Those are just some examples of the kind of discussion forum topics you’ll find through the new Live Yes! Arthritis Network. Live Yes! is a hub for the arthritis community. It’s a community where large and small groups gather, to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life.

Together as a community, we’re working to improve physical health, as well as emotional and social health. We help people with arthritis find strength in each other, manage stress and take control of their health care.

Continue reading Don’t Miss Live Yes! Online Discussion Forums About Arthritis

live yes arthritis network

Launching the Live Yes! Arthritis Network on World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is Oct. 12. That’s the day when we come together from around the globe to raise awareness about arthritis, the world’s most prevalent disease. It’s the day we tell the world how arthritis ruthlessly robs quality of life, keeping many people from doing simple, everyday tasks, and often from doing the things they love.

World Arthritis Day is extra special this year because the Arthritis Foundation is officially launching our Live Yes! Arthritis Network. We’ve been working behind the scenes over the past year to create a vibrant, enriching experience for people with arthritis – to help them live their best lives..

Continue reading Launching the Live Yes! Arthritis Network on World Arthritis Day