Help Elevate the Gravity of Arthritis During Pain Awareness Month

Arthritis is painful … and relentless. No one knows that better than those who suffer from it. Perhaps that’s you or someone you love.

An Arthritis Foundation survey shows that:

  • The #1 goal of arthritis treatment is to “reduce pain.”
  • The #1 motivator for seeking out information is “I experienced pain.”

For many, pain isn’t easy to talk about, especially during a flare. Not only does arthritis cause physical pain, but the mental and emotional pain that often goes with it can take a heavy toll, too.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the seriousness of arthritis. Or even know it’s an authentic disease (in fact, it’s a family of diseases comprising more than 100 types).

Another survey shows that fewer than 1 in 10 people (7%) know that arthritis is the #1 cause of long-term disability in the U.S., and an estimated 172 million workdays are lost annually due to arthritis and other rheumatic conditions.

Arthritis needs to come out of the shadows so that more people understand what it is and how it affects those who live with it. And what needs to happen to change the future of arthritis … and cure it.

September is National Pain Awareness Month. A time to bring chronic pain, whatever causes it, to the world’s attention. Chronic pain is epidemic worldwide. Arthritis is a major culprit, affecting over 54 million Americans and untold millions more around the globe. Conquering arthritis is a cause more people need to support because of its far-reaching impact.

Here are a few ways to do more, for yourself and others in your community:

Connect With Others & Grow the Movement

If you live with the pain of arthritis, or you care about someone who does, you can do a lot of good by connecting with others. Connecting is the first step. Share your story and help someone else. Let others help you.

It’s free to join the Live Yes! Online Community. You’ll find forums for whatever topic is on your mind. Join a conversation or start your own. Get your questions answered by arthritis health care experts. Register now.

If you want to meet face to face with others in your local community, check out Live Yes! Connect Groups. If there isn’t a group nearby, you can start one.

The Live Yes! Arthritis Network is the go-to hub for everything about arthritis. Your participation in Live Yes! Insights helps shape new resources and influence arthritis research and advocacy. Don’t miss out!

Take Control of Arthritis Pain

Take the pain quiz.

Download 45 Ways to Tame Your Pain, a FREE booklet from the experts you trust at the Arthritis Foundation. You’ll learn about effective ways to help manage your pain from arthritis and related conditions without a prescription. They range from lifestyle measures to techniques, devices, and over-the-counter treatments. Work with your doctor to find the combination that’s right for you.

Myths About Arthritis

The pain of arthritis robs many people of the simple joys of life, like lifting and embracing a child. It prevents doing everyday tasks, like getting dressed, preparing meals, running errands. Or fun things like playing your favorite sport or a musical instrument, because you can barely move.

There are many misperceptions about arthritis. Here are just two:

  • Most people believe arthritis is an “old people’s condition.” In reality, two-thirds of those with arthritis are under 65. One in three Americans 18-64 years old has arthritis, which can develop at any age. Most people don’t know that nearly 300,000 children suffer from juvenile arthritis pain, which makes growing up even harder.
  • For both children and adults, the pain of arthritis can be as devastating on an emotional level as it is physically. It often leads to feelings of depression and isolation. Arthritis contributes to other serious health issues, like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Learn more about the many types of arthritis and the tools and resources you can use to life your best life.

Move the Arthritis Movement Ahead

Arthritis treatments have improved greatly over the past few decades. Today, with your help, the Arthritis Foundation is accelerating new breakthroughs and amplifying the voices of people with arthritis, demanding policymakers to put more money into arthritis research and make health care more accessible and affordable. Your involvement is crucial to achieving even more.

Help make arthritis and its consequences more visible so it’s not a forgotten epidemic.

The arthritis community is here for you.

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