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Constant Commitment in the Wake of Transition

It has been a year of great transition for our country; one marked by contentious debates and perspectives, months of uncertainty regarding the future of our nation’s leadership, and ambiguity around a wide range of issues, including universal health care coverage.

Although to a much lesser extent, it has also been a year of great transition for the Arthritis Foundation. We have gone through an enterprise-wide strategic realignment to create greater efficiencies and deeper impact at the local level, and have evaluated the impact of our programs and initiatives to ensure we are always prioritizing the things that mean the most to people with arthritis.

Despite transition in and around all of us, our focus is and will continue to be steady – on putting people with arthritis first.

As we shared just weeks ago, over the course of the last several months, we have begun an initiative called Prescription for Access – a project in which we’ve proactively sought input from our patient community and the many stakeholders who service them to address deep and growing concerns about drug costs and access to care.

These discussions have been ongoing and will continue as long as there is progress to be made. Our next meeting in our series of Access 360 discussions is next week with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. We will come together with the CMS team to continue the dialogue about potential short and mid-term solutions to address access to care issues for people with arthritis.

Please know that throughout this election process we have been preparing for whatever may come as a result of a change in leadership. We know that one of the hallmarks of the Affordable Care Act is protection for people with pre-existing conditions. We also know that both currently, and because of potential changes to come, people are fearful of their ability to afford and access the care that they need. We are fighting for you.

No matter what happens in the months to come, we will be here championing the fight for people with arthritis and addressing your needs. That’s why we’re here. Our responsibility for and commitment to our community will never change. We will continue to fight for you. We will continue to make sure your needs are central to all that we do.

You can learn more about our Access 360 initiative here.

Ann Palmer, Arthritis Foundation President & CEO

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One thought on “Constant Commitment in the Wake of Transition

  1. Thank you for understanding the immense need for help to sufferers of arthritis. It is a difficult battle, because most people do not understand the severity of the disease . Those who have it, are confused as to how to treat it, and there is a large anxiety factor that changes a patient’s life. Again, thank you, and may we find a cure soon.

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