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Practical Advice for a Difficult Time

One of the most challenging times in life is dealing with the loss of a spouse or partner.  You must not only deal with the sorrow and grief of your loss, but also attend to many details and decisions that need to be made. The Arthritis Foundation has a resource guide called When the Time Comes (WTTC) to help both prior to and during this difficult time. Many couples engage in the annual habit of reviewing their finances and important documents.  This annual “checkup” should include but not be limited to your estate plan, insurance policies, bank accounts, professional advisor contact information and all investments accounts.  The WTTC guide has a place to list out all this necessary and vital information in one place for a quick reference.  Many individuals also use this annual review time to think of organizations and charities that have had a significant impact upon them during their lifetime and make provisions for such organizations in their estate plans.

The second helpful aspect found in the WTTC booklet is the practical advice and steps one needs to take upon the death of a spouse or partner.  There are suggestions on who and when to contact certain entities, organizations and individuals.  Having a plan and some guidelines for the many decisions that need to be made helps you have piece of mind during this difficult time.

For a copy of our FREE booklet When the Time Comes, call 1-866-528-8687 toll-free.

To learn more about planned giving, wills or bequests, visit www.arthritislegacy.org.

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