Highlights from the 2016 Accelerating Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials Workshop: Making an Impact Through Collaboration

More than 140 experts in the fields of osteoarthritis scientific discovery and clinical trial design joined us from across the globe at the 2016 Accelerating Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials Workshop in Atlanta this week. After two days of lively discussion from participants, the Workshop adjourned with the promise of breaking down barriers to the development of improved diagnostics and treatments for osteoarthritis (OA).

Key Takeaways from the Osteoarthritis Workshop

We are excited about discussion and resulting consensus that has come out of the workshop sessions. The focus of the workshop was firmly on the future aimed at identifying ways to get new diagnostics & treatments to clinics faster for the arthritis community. Here are some highlights of discussion among the participants:

  • Patient Reported Outcomes can be a successful metric to get new treatments approved.
  • There is a need to simplify clinical trials, making adjustments in current clinical trial design so it is easier for patients to participate.
  • There is a need for a paradigm shift in how we think about OA. It doesn’t just affect older people.
  • More research needs to be aimed at young people at risk for developing OA (especially the young athlete population who is at a higher risk for developing OA at a younger age).
  • Patients need to be a part of the scientific discovery process every step of the way.
  • Scientists should consider participant wants/needs more during clinical trial design and implementation.

Our Role in Leading Innovation

Throughout the Workshop, we asked participants to think about ways the Arthritis Foundation’s role as a neutral organization representing people with arthritis can lead the charge in OA clinical trial design and implementation. Here’s what they said:

Utilize our strong ties to the arthritis patient population to help bridge the gap between scientists & patients by communicating drug & treatment feedback from patients  by communicating what benefits of treatment patients prioritize and learning which patient reported outcomes are clinically meaningful to achieve these desired benefits.

Our commitment to continue funding scientific research that is designed to attack arthritis and its effects is strengthened by the huge success of this year’s OA Workshop.

We will continue to share with you the amazing outcomes of scientific discovery in osteoarthritis clinical trials. To learn more about how science has arthritis on the run, visit our website.



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