New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Arthritis Foundation has just launched new “lesson plans” to help improve patient outcomes. The initiative was based on patient and provider surveys and focus groups, which showed that patients want information and support to improve their physical health, emotional health and experience of care.

Live Yes! Connect Groups are a growing network of local peer-led support groups, available in more than 100 locations. As a result of this initiative, volunteer leaders can now choose from over 40 new lesson plans targeted to improve outcomes in those three areas: physical health, emotional health and experience of care. Topics include non-pharmacological therapies, medical treatments, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, emotional coping, school solutions and others. All lessons are taught by appropriate subject matter experts, such as rheumatologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

The Arthritis Foundation will track improvements through monthly patient-reported outcomes surveys and will use the results to develop additional resources.

To learn more about Live Yes! Connect Groups, monthly patient-reported outcomes surveys, how to become a subject matter expert or how it all fits together in the Live Yes! Arthritis Network, click here.

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