Matt Iseman Celebrity Apprentice Episode 1 Highlights

The New Celebrity Apprentice: Episode 1 Highlights

As many of you know, Matt Iseman is competing on this season of The New Celebrity Apprentice to raise money in support of the Arthritis Foundation! The show premiered with a new location, new host, and new contestants Monday night. New host Arnold Schwarzenegger moved the show to his home state of California, and the new contestants convened in Los Angeles—arriving via limousine—to kick off the new season in true celebrity fashion!

This year’s contestants include our dear friend and advocate Matt Iseman, as well as Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie, Vince Neil, and more.

This week’s episode presented the contestants with two different challenges. The contestants split into two different teams to complete the tasks, with the women, Team Prima, facing off against the men, Team Arete.

The first task was presented by one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s advisors this season, Tyra Banks. The challenge: Develop a 10-minute customer presentation for a line of makeup products from Banks’ beauty line, Tyra Beauty. The contestants were challenged with selling a “fresh face” and a “fierce face” in their 10-minute presentation.

Porsha Williams from Real Housewives of Atlanta served as project manager for Team Prima, while Boy George served as project manager for Team Arete. Early in the competition, Matt Iseman posed this question to his teammates: “How do we incorporate ourselves into this?” This idea inspired Team Arete’s unique pitch that really made them stand out: Having NFL running backs Ricky Williams and Eric Dickerson apply the makeup on the models! With Matt Iseman emceeing their presentation, Team Arete won the first challenge (way to go, Matt)!

As project manager for Team Arete, Boy George won $50,000 for his charity. As is tradition, members of the losing team met in the board room. The contenders for elimination after the first challenge were project manager Porsha Williams, Youtube personality Carrie Keagan and former “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. In the end, Keagan was sent to the chopper with the show’s new catchphrase: “You’re Terminated.”

In the second hour of the premiere, the contestants gathered to hear their second task of the night. The challenge: Create an original song and video to support Trident’s “Cherish Your Teeth” campaigns and highlight everyday smiles.

Carnie Wilson, of Wilson Phillips, served as project manager for Team Prima, while Jon Lovitz served as project manager for Team Arete. After pitching both videos to the team from Trident, Team Arete emerged victorious once again!

As project manager for Team Arete, Jon Lovitz won $50,000 for his charity. This time around, it was project manager Carnie Wilson who was “terminated,” with Governor Schwarzenegger sending her off with an, “Hasta la vista, baby.”

It was an action-packed premiere, and we can’t wait to see what happens next week! If you missed Monday night’s double episode, you can catch up on all the action and watch the full episodes at!

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