The New Arthritis Foundation CBD Guidance for Adults with Arthritis

You may have noticed that CBD-based products have become almost as mainstream and as ubiquitous as pumpkin spice is this time of year. Touted as the magic ingredient in beauty products and snack foods, CBD (cannabidiol) seems to offer something for everyone. People with arthritis pain want to know: Is there something in it for me?

Driven almost exclusively by marketing and word of mouth, with very little science to back it up, CBD has become the buzz among people with arthritis looking for pain relief.

That’s what got the attention of Natalie Azar, MD, a rheumatologist and medical contributor for NBC News. She learned that people with arthritis were asking the Arthritis Foundation: Should I try CBD? Will it work for me?

The Arthritis Foundation recently consulted leading arthritis and CBD experts to find out what you should know about this compound, which is typically extracted from the hemp plant. The result is the Arthritis Foundation CBD Consumer Guidance for Adults with Arthritis.

Dr. Azar featured our guidance in her report on CBD on the “Today” show Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

We want you to be in the best position to make an informed decision with your doctor about trying CBD.

Read Arthritis Foundation CBD Guidance for Adults with Arthritis.

More on CBD from the Arthritis Foundation:

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