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Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Thank your doctor today – it’s National Doctor’s Day!

The first Doctors’ Day observance occurred in 1933 in Winder, Georgia, where Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond proposed setting aside a day for mailing greeting cards and placing flowers on the graves of deceased doctors. In 1958, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted a resolution commemorating Doctors’ Day. And in 1990, following overwhelming approval by Congress, President George H.W. Bush turned the commemoration into a national holiday.

National Doctor’s Day is a day we celebrate “the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its citizens.”

The Arthritis Foundation is proud to honor all of our doctors that give their tireless support to their patients, families and community, and partner with the Arthritis Foundation for events like the Walk to Cure Arthritis, Jingle Bell Run, JA Camps, research initiatives, advocacy and so much more.

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Dr. Alan Beyer on set for Doctor in the Dugout with Arthritis Foundation Senior Executive Director Teresa Dinh and past honorees

Alan Beyer, MD, of Newport Beach, California, is a true Champion of Yes. Dr. Beyer is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery of the knee and total knee replacement. Dr. Beyer is a part of the Newport Orthopedic Institute, the largest orthopedic group in Orange County, and is one of four founding physicians and current medical director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Beyer’s involvement with the Arthritis Foundation started approximately seven years ago when the Orange County/Inland Empire office was located within the Hoag Orthopedic Institute campus. Working closely with Hoag Orthopedic Institute, the Arthritis Foundation was able to offer further support to patients affected by arthritis. Since then, Dr. Beyer has been a pivotal member of the Orange County/Inland Empire local leadership board, a past honoree for the Walk to Cure Arthritis, event emcee and instrumental in securing sponsorships and event honorees.

When asked about his motivation to participate and support the Walk to Cure Arthritis, Dr. Beyer says, “As a patient myself diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, I know firsthand the challenges and effects of living with this disease. Arthritis is not an ‘orphan’ disease – there isn’t anyone that doesn’t know someone or isn’t affected themselves by arthritis. It’s the leading cause of disability in the United States, and over 50 million adults are affected. The Walk to Cure Arthritis is a cause everyone can rally behind and support.”

“Dr. Beyer is such a great Champion for our cause. He is humble, gracious and always seeks to provide the best care to his patients. He is an enthusiastic supporter of Arthritis Foundation local events and we are very grateful for him and his support – not only on National Doctors’ Day, but every day!” says Teresa Dinh, senior executive director of the Orange County/Inland Empire office.

Dr. Beyer also hosts a weekly radio show called Doctor in The Dugout on Angels Radio AM 830 KLAA in southern California. Doctor in The Dugout is a one-hour show featuring Dr. Beyer’s distinctive wit and profound insights on sports, sports medicine-related topics and current injuries, along with special guests including professional athletes, physicians and community leaders. Dr. Beyer also helps to promote the Walk to Cure Arthritis through his radio show, frequently having honorees as guests to share their stories and invite others to join the Walk.

Outside of work, Dr. Beyer is an avid golfer and spends time with wife and two daughters who have participated in the Walk with him the past few years at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

On National Doctor’s Day, we express our deep gratitude to Dr. Beyer and all physicians across the country treating over 50 million adults and 300,000 children who battle arthritis pain and disability every day.

Thank your doctor today!

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