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Matt Iseman is in the Final Challenge on The New Celebrity Apprentice — And He Needs Your Help!

This is it! Matt Iseman has made it all the way to the final four on “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” and he is undeniably a front-runner in the competition. As Laila Ali puts it, “He’s so likeable. He’s never made it to the boardroom, so whatever it is, it’s working.”

Week 6 kicked off with Team Prima, with Brooke Burke-Charvet and Boy George, and Team Arete, with Matt Iseman and Laila Ali, creating a product presentation for Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company to pitch to a focus group.

Team Arete’s pitch focused largely on real-life moments, and the scenery was filled with messy examples of situations that happen in the everyday kitchen. Matt’s creativity really came in handy when he proposed the team juxtapose the cleaning of a barbecue grill—something that most people think of as an extremely tough, greasy, outdoor mess, with the cleaning of a baby’s high chair. This contrast really drove home the point that, while The Honest Company products are tough enough to clean even the greasiest messes, they are also gentle enough to use around babies and children.

Team Prima’s pitch was focused on spirituality and song, as well as a few messes. Boy George kicked it off with a song about “polishing your mirror” while cleaning windows with The Honest Company’s products, which the team used as a metaphor for life.

While both team’s presentations were well-received by Jessica Alba and her team from The Honest Company, Team Prima’s spiritual take on the presentation won them over, and ultimately, they won the challenge.

After Team Arete’s loss, Matt headed to the boardroom for the first time this season, but after careful deliberation from Governor Schwarzenegger, Laila was sent home.

That wasn’t the end of eliminations, though. After the final three began celebrating, they received an unexpected phone call to return to the boardroom. Arnold informed the three that one last person would be eliminated before the show continued into the final challenge. Brooke, Matt and Boy George each made their respective cases as to why they deserved to stay on the show. As the only remaining contestant with a losing record, Brooke was eliminated.

The second half of the show brought us to the final challenge! Matt and Boy George met with the Governor, Tyra Banks, and CEO of Carnival Corporation Arnold Donald. Their final task is to produce an ad campaign, a party, and a 15-minute variety show to illustrate the incredible value of the cruise experience. The teams will be judged on overall brand integration, creativity, guest experience and the amount of money raise for their charity.

With only Matt and Boy George remaining, the Governor recruited some former contestants to help out. To aid in the final challenge, Matt teamed up with Carnie Wilson, Kyle Richards and Carrie Keagan while Boy George teamed up with Laila Ali, Carson Kressley and Porsha Williams.

The teams got straight to work, organizing photoshoots, planning the party and fundraising to support the team’s respective charities. Team Boy George focused on the tagline, “Tan lines? Yes. Buffet lines? Never!” Team Matt landed on the tagline, “One destination that takes you anywhere.”

Matt ended this show determined to prove he could compete with big-time celebrity Boy George after the Governor expressed doubts in his fundraising abilities. This is where WE come in! Matt needs our help to raise the funds he needs to win it all, so when you support his fight and our cause, you will be entered for a chance to win a free cruise for you and a guest from our friends at Carnival Corporation! Enter for your chance to win at and share this link and Matt’s story with everyone you know!

Chance to Win a Cruise

Be sure to tune in to the finale on NBC Monday, February 13 at 9/8c to see if Matt takes it all the way!

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  1. Matt Iseman is a winner. He wins big for arthritis while dealing with arthritis himself. Donating to the Arthritis Foundation will help Matt win the competition. Do it now.

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