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Living Made Easier – Helping You Maintain Activities You Love

Living Made Easier is a series of events that will show you how you CAN beat those daily obstacles created by arthritis and say Yes more than No – from cooking to gardening to daily living. You’ll get advice from local experts on how to reduce stress on your joints while maintaining the activities that you love.

In 2018, we will expand the series to include other topics and additional cities. This free, 90- minute interactive program will be facilitated by local experts.  Hands on demos will be offered during each program.  In addition, guests will hear from other people who have arthritis about their techniques and can share their own tips and tricks.

Below is a list of event locations. Events that are open for registration are in green. Event registrations open periodically, so check back often.

Event Types

Cooking Made Easier:  Explore cooking short cuts, helpful kitchen tools, and advice from others.  Features cooking demonstration and testing of easy-to-use cooking products led by an occupational therapist and chef.

Gardening Made Easier:  Learn health and emotional benefits of gardening, gardening short cuts, helpful equipment, and advice from others. Features plant potting session and testing of easy-to-use gardening products led by an occupational therapist and/or gardening specialist.

Daily Living Made Easier: Discover tips/tricks for finding the right clothes/shoes, short cuts for household cleaning and helpful assisted devices for dressing and/or cleaning. Features demos and testing of easy-to-use clothing/cleaning products led by an occupational therapist or physician.

Travel Made Easier: Uncover tips and tricks for traveling including planning, lodging arrangements, packing, medication prep, navigating the airport, cruising, and more travel resources. Features demos and testing of easy to use travel products led by an occupational therapist or physician.

Cooking Made Easier

Gardening Made Easier

Daily Living Made Easier

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