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Don’t Miss Live Yes! Online Discussion Forums About Arthritis

  • Want to know what other patients have experienced from a specific treatment?
  • Dealing with issues your child with arthritis is having in school?
  • Has someone else faced a certain insurance issue you’re struggling with?
  • What if you just have a tip to share you think others might benefit from?

Those are just some examples of the kind of discussion forum topics you’ll find through the new Live Yes! Arthritis Network. Live Yes! is a hub for the arthritis community. It’s a community where large and small groups gather, to share resources and opportunities that can help everyone live their best life.

Together as a community, we’re working to improve physical health, as well as emotional and social health. We help people with arthritis find strength in each other, manage stress and take control of their health care.

A main feature of Live Yes! is our online discussion forums. You can browse them all or drill down to disease types. See what others are saying and join the conversation if you want to. Ask questions and read posts from experts. Find resources, connect with other members and share stories, photos and videos.

“The Live Yes! Online Community is a very exciting and innovative platform,” says Kevin Purcell, Arthritis Foundation senior director, patient community. “This dynamic support group will be life-changing for people with arthritis, and the discussion forums in particular will be informative and engaging.”

Become a member today of the Live Yes! Arthritis Network and start digging into the discussion forums. Start your own discussion and get feedback and ideas. Chime in on another forum where you have a suggestion. Let’s grow our community and make a bigger impact in the fight against arthritis.

Sign up now.

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