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Improving the Landscape of Clinical Trials – Together

Did you know there is an organization dedicated to identifying and promoting practices to increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials? There is! And the Arthritis Foundation is a part of it. The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) is a public-private partnership cofounded by the FDA and Duke University that exists solely to improve clinical trials. The Arthritis Foundation is part of the steering committee at CTTI, which is made up of representatives from CTTI members across multiple sectors and provides input into decisions about CTTI priorities, projects and recommendations.

Too often, clinical trial do not finish because the study is not feasible for the patients enrolled. As a result, enrollment in trials is slowing, costs are increasing and some investigators are pulling out of clinical research all together. Clinical trials are vital in testing new drugs and therapies; without them medical science can’t advance. When trials aren’t designed properly or don’t finish it’s a waste of time and resources for all parties involved. The mission of CTTI is to develop and drive adoption of practices that will increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials and we’re very excited to be involved. CTTI values the input and participation of all stakeholders equally, including patients.

What does this mean for people with arthritis? There are thousands of clinical trials available for people with all types of arthritis. We, along with CTTI, want to make sure all of the trials available to you are designed and executed the best way possible – where patients are equal partners and the focus is on efficiency, quality and safety. CTTI has released a number of recommendations for clinical trial sponsors to start incorporating into new trials.

Members from CTTI spoke at our Accelerating Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials Workshop earlier this year. They expressed that there are many challenges with most clinical trials for any disease type including all types of arthritis. Improving the clinical trial system won’t just happen – we must create change together. And thanks to those who support the Arthritis Foundation and our participation in critical research, we are able to play a key role in major partnerships and initiatives such as CTTI.

We will keep you up-to-date on the happenings of CTTI and the Arthritis Foundation’s involvement. To read more about CTTI, visit their website. To learn more about the Arthritis Foundation’s research and scientific discovery program, visit our website.


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