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New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Arthritis Foundation has just launched new “lesson plans” to help improve patient outcomes. The initiative was based on patient and provider surveys and focus groups, which showed that patients want information and support to improve their physical health, emotional health and experience of care. Continue reading New “Lesson Plans” Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes

Protect Yourself From the Measles

Since January 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported nearly 850 cases of measles in 23 states – the largest number of measles infections since 1994. Most people who have been infected were unvaccinated. Although measles was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, it has made a recent comeback, thanks to travelers bringing the virus in from other countries and a growing population of unvaccinated Americans. How worried should you be? Continue reading Protect Yourself From the Measles

Hot Topics Offer In-depth Discussions on Trending Issues

The Live Yes! Online Community has started a new, on-going series called Hot Topics. Each Hot Topic discussion will take place Monday through Friday and is a 5-day, limited-time special event. Hot Topics will cover just that – trending, in-demand topics featuring a subject matter expert moderator.

Hot Topics are meant to spark discussion and give Online Community users the opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts and get clarity around subjects that matter most. Recently we’ve featured discussions around medical marijuana and CBD oil, plus regenerative medicine and stem cells! Check back here for the most up-to-date schedule for all upcoming Hot Topics!

Preview of discussions

Upcoming Hot Topic Events:
July 1-5, 2019: Drug Risks & Side Effects

The Online Community will feature a new Hot Topic event every other week for the duration of the year. At the end of each week, the discussion is concluded, and the Hot Topic forum is taken down. Be sure to visit the Online Community during Hot Topic events so you don’t miss out!

Preview of posts

The Live Yes! Online Community is an online forum that allows members connect, share and chat with others in a digital space. Currently there are discussion forums dedicated to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, other types of arthritis, families affected by juvenile arthritis (JA), advocacy and a popular one for fun, off-topic talk. There is also a special forum called Ask the Professionals, where a rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon answer community users’ questions.

One of our users recently noted, “The Live Yes! Online Community is a much needed resource since many of us aren’t able to travel to in-person events. This allows us to communicate with others, share stories and experiences, and get our questions answered by health care providers, all from the comfort of our home!”

Registration in the Live Yes! Online Community is free, and forums are moderated by trained volunteers. Sign up today and join us!

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Opioid Policy Chief: “You can’t solve the opioid crisis without solving the pain crisis.”

If you have arthritis, chances are your doctor gave you a prescription for an opioid pain medication at some point. Opioids are effective at relieving pain, including post-surgical pain, and for some people who live with chronic pain from arthritis or other conditions, they are one part of managing that condition.

Continue reading Opioid Policy Chief: “You can’t solve the opioid crisis without solving the pain crisis.”

Welcome to Campus: A New Community for Students with Arthritis

Going off to college can be a tough transition for anyone. But if you’re a teen with arthritis, starting college can pose unique challenges: leaving behind family and friends who understand and support your health needs, navigating campus on foot when every step causes pain, watching roommates go out at night when you need sleep just to function and feeling like you’re the only young person in the world with a disease associated with old age.

Rachel Mershon and Caroline Bailey know the feeling all too well. Diagnosed with arthritis at age 14, Mershon left home for the first time two years ago to pursue a degree in nutrition at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Bailey was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis just months before the start of her freshman year at the University of Mississippi. Both young women say the transition to college life was a difficult – and lonely at times.

Continue reading Welcome to Campus: A New Community for Students with Arthritis

acr 2018

Patients Report on the Final ACR Conference Sessions

More than 15,000 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, scientists and others with interest and/or expertise in rheumatology gathered in Chicago in late October for the American College of Rheumatology’s Annual Meeting. The Arthritis Foundation had a contingent of “patient representatives” attending to  provide the perspective and voice of people living with arthritis. They fanned out to attend sessions, view and present posters and collect information about exciting new developments in the field. Here are their notes from the final sessions of the meeting.

Continue reading Patients Report on the Final ACR Conference Sessions