Arthritis Foundation Advil Partnership

Advil® and Arthritis Foundation Team Up to Improve the Lives of People Living With Arthritis

Prevailing in the fight against arthritis requires a true collective effort. We must all band together to raise awareness around the disease and the impact it has on the lives of over 50 million people across the nation. Today, we are pleased to announce that our collective effort is now that much stronger, thanks to the makers of Advil®. Advil is our first official “Champion for Life” corporate sponsor. As such, and by supporting our life-changing resources, advocacy efforts, scientific discovery and the communities we develop and connect, the makers of Advil have demonstrated they are ALL-IN for the arthritis population.

Their generous contribution will provide support to help us continue carrying out our mission to be the Champion of Yes for people living with arthritis in a variety of ways.

For example, we continue enhancing our resources for the arthritis community, and with support from the makers of Advil, we’ll be introducing new, powerful tools to help people with arthritis live better every day:

  • Arthritis Foundation Better Living Toolkit – a powerful free resource of information and tools tailored to the needs of people living with arthritis, which includes: a health tracker, educational brochures, a copy of Arthritis Today magazine and a roadmap to the resources available on
  • Arthritis Foundation Community Resource Finder – a one-stop shop for people seeking professionals and resources in their local community to help manage their arthritis.

“As we lead the fight for the arthritis community and search for ways to help those with arthritis conquer everyday battles, our relationships with organizations that align with our mission are extremely important, “ says Arthritis Foundation President and CEO, Ann Palmer. “We greatly appreciate this substantial contribution from Advil and will put it to great use as we expand and strengthen our educational and interactive offerings so people with arthritis can live better than ever.”

We are so grateful for support from the makers of Advil®. On behalf of the entire arthritis community, thank you for being a Champion of Yes and a Champion for Life!

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