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Introducing the YES Tool Mobile App! Get Customized Arthritis-Friendly Exercise Modifications on the Go!

Exercise is a key component in improving health and can even help relieve arthritis pain and joint stiffness. When the daily aches and fatigue of arthritis kick in, exercise might be the last thing on your mind, but it may be just what you need to ease your pain and increase your energy levels.

We know the critical role exercise plays in managing arthritis symptoms, but we also know that developing a personal fitness plan can be difficult. That’s why we created the one-of-a-kind Your Exercise Solution tool to help you chose an activity that’s right for you based on your joint pain and activity level.

The YES tool gives personalized exercise modifications based on each individual’s arthritis pain, fitness level and favorite activities. By providing highly customized modifications on which activities are safe or need to be modified to be safe, the YES tool is helping people with arthritis increase their fitness levels carefully while prevent potential injury.

Launched only last year, the online tool has been wildly popular with over 18,000 registered users to-date. We talked to a few members of the arthritis community who have used the tool to get active, and here’s what just a couple of our YES tool users had to say:

“I get better advice geared at helping me to have less pain!”

“It has shown me that I have a lot more types of exercises that I can try.”

We are thrilled that the YES tool is helping so many in the arthritis community get and stay active. So excited, in fact, that we decided to step it up a notch and develop a mobile app for the Your Exercise Solution tool! Now when you are on the go – with friends, at the gym, on vacation – you can easily access the YES tool and find out the best activities and modifications for your unique arthritis and interests!

It’s our goal to provide you with personalized Help & Support, whenever and wherever you are, and this app is just one more way we are striving to meet that goal. Download the new mobile app today, available on both Apple and Android mobile devices, and let us know what you think! Thank you to our friends and partners at Advil for their sponsorship of the YES tool and their ongoing support of the arthritis community!


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