Arthritis Pain is Real

Share Your Story! Help Us Raise Awareness this Arthritis Awareness Month

More than 50 million Americans have arthritis – that’s one in four people. It’s currently the nation’s number one cause of disability.

But this month—with your help— we’re fighting back with the #FightFor50 campaign! To participate, we are asking that you share your story — tell us about your personal fight with arthritis, or tell us about a person you are fighting for, whether it’s parent, grandparent, sibling, partner or a friend.

While you’re there, check out the over 500 stories that have already been shared. Arthritis knows no boundaries. In our story bank, you’ll find stories from young and old, people who are struggling with their own personal fight and people who are fighting for loved ones, people who’ve been living with the disease for years and those who have been newly diagnosed. Below are just two examples of stories that have been submitted. Check out their full posts and hundreds of others in our story bank!

Mariah Fight for 50

John Fight for 50

Finally, please consider donating today. All donations promote the Arthritis Foundation’s mission and vision to conquer arthritis. We do this through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science, and community connections.

If you’ve already donated and shared your story—thank you! Together, we can work towards a brighter future for those living with arthritis!

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